A downloadable tilemap

welcome dungeon lovers!
this package contains a unicolored 8x8 tilemap plus additional player and enemy sprites!

this pack is free for use for business and personal use with no crediting required(although it would be nice if you did :) )

if you have made any projects using this tilemap i would love to give it a try

leave your comments and suggestion so i can improve this project even more


8x8 Dungeon tilemap by PH.zip 30 kB


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I used your tile map to make my first published game thanks for providing, game demo: https://evilcore.itch.io/rina

cool tilemap!!!

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Hi, I'm currently using your tiles to create my game Castle Skedaddle. It's gonna be published by the end of the month.

I have recorded a video on how I use it to design a level in Unity if you're curious.

hey mantao!

thanks for sharing your video! good to see that my asset is being used in the community!

your game looks very interesting. its been a while since i played a platformer. i look forward to its release later this month!

if you dont mind i also have some suggestions regarding your video. i love devlog videos they are one of the best things to watch to get motivated. and your devlog series looks very interesting. although i was looking forward to hearing what you think of when you were designing a level and overall what your thought process was. its really fascinating to me to hear how people go when designing a level or an asset or anything. if you could do a commentary style voiceover addressing your thoughts and design process that would be wonderful

either way consider me subscribed to your channel. looking forward to the next vid

also if i may, another note about the game this time. you have some really interesting visuals going on in your game! the moving chains look great! although the levels are a bit empty lookin. maybe you can juice up the levels a bit? i have some examples in the asset page if you need a reference. although its your game maybe you want it this way and i totally respect that

thank you for using the asset. looking forward to hearing from you soon


Thanks a lot for taking the time to watch the video and give suggestions. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

 I didn't talk much because doing these devlogs is so new to me. I had no idea what would be interesting or boring to the viewers. I will definitely talk more and share my thought process in the next one :)

Indeed, it needs some more life. Now that the structure is here I'm adding moving slimes and bats. I've been trying to add Unity's 2D lights as well but didn't succeed so far 😅.

Hi PixelHole, just letting you know that the game is done and playable here : https://mantaogames.itch.io/castle-skeddadle

I've also published a new devlog and took your feedback into account :) 

i have a problem understanding the tilemap. could you help me plz

sure. whats the problem? i have some examples on the page but if you still dont understand, contact me on discord i can send you some more


I have a problem understanding the player movements. Could you help me. I really like your work and I would love to use it on one of my projects 


maybe this would help?


Why this look so good doe???


Nice tiles!


These are great ... I've been wanting to do something on the ZX spectrum for a while . maybe something along these lines :) 


Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely gonna try and make a small game with this.

Did you have anything specific in mind when making this? some kind of platform rogue-lite maybe?


No problem dude. I love making art specially assets! I'll look forward to your project!

As of your second question. Well not really. I actually ended up making these when i was making 8x8 items. But the idea of pipes was mostly inspired by the industrial tileset from 0x72. He is a great artist with some great packs defenetly check him out if you wanted some packs that have more than 2 colors!


Thanks for the suggestion! 0x72 has some cool stuff, but your super limited tileset got me hooked because of - well - the limitation :D

I'm following you both now, can't wait to see what you guys post in the future and how your skills develop further :)


I did it! You can find the finished game on my profile :)