A downloadable asset pack

medieval weapons pack is a free asset pack that contains lots of pixel art weapons for your game. 

this pack (except the premium extension) is totally free and can be used in any sort of project. commercial or personal

  • What is the premium extension?

the premium extension is a pack of 39 extra wands you  can aquire for just a small price that will go on to support this project and its creator (that's me of course :) ). These premium wands are in 3 unique themes that separates them from the standard wands.

this pack is under the CC BY 4.0 license, the  restrictions can be read here 

Thanks for downloading and good luck developing


Medieval weapons pack v1.2(new!).zip 261 kB
Medieval Weapons Premium-Wands.rar 43 kB

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This pack is great! I used the non-outlined version in my first game! https://xedindustries.itch.io/teeny-tiny-smithy

thanks for free content appreciate it


Nice assets,it would be awesome if You make something like Frostmourne styled weapons too.I will use this weapon assets in future,and credit You aswell.Great job!


Great work PixelHole ^^

Some questions :

Is the licence CCO , are modifications/alterations allowed and royalty free ?

May the assets be broadcast over streams and used during advertising ?

May altered art be printed on products and sold ?

Is credit required ? 

If credit is given how should it be given ?

Thanks for commenting!

i'll update the licences. You can get the awnser to all of your questions there. Have nice day :)

Thank you PixelHole 


Can this be used commercially  ?


Yes, you are free to use it in any sort of project. Personal or commercial